Metal roofing seems to be a popular addition to timber frame homes these days.  I’ll often hear a comment about “the sound of rain on a metal roof…like the old days”.  Well…my memories of rain on a metal roof on Grandpa’s farm are more about rain so noisy that we couldn’t talk.  Now I know that was because there was little (or no) insulation in the attic space.

Our timber frame has a metal roof (an old metal roof that was salvaged and has the patina to prove it).  Do we hear the rain?  Yes.  However, it is a subtle sound, gentle to the ear.  The structural insulated panels muffle it enough to make it a pleasant sound instead of an annoyance.   The sound of rain on the roof is more noticeable under the covered porch, but still a nice sound.

Since metal roofing has been around for a long time (metal smiths hammered out roofing from brass, copper,and gold over 2,000 years ago) and since most materials on the market today have exceptionally long product lives, I expect the demand for this roofing on timber frames won’t go away soon.  

Our timber frame home was designed to have the look and feel of a much, much older home.  The salvaged roofing helped us to achieve that look.  We believe it will last for many more years and when we replace it, it will be with metal.

All of that said, your home style (and roofing) should work well with other homes in the area.  Stay true to the architectural vernacular of your site and don’t build a home that won’t be a pleasing addition.

Enjoy the rain on the roof.  Timber frames and metal roofing work to make that happen.